Fresh Texas Shrimp Delivered
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Fresh Texas Shrimp Delivered

Joe's Fresh Texas Shrimp
About Joes Fresh Texas Shrimp Delivery Service
Fresh Texas Shrimp Delivered
I am a retired Chemical Plant operator  that has been selling fresh Gulf shrimp to the greater Central Texas area for the last five years.

I purchase my shrimp right off the boats along the Texas Gulf Coast and deliver the same day (or the next), to towns throughout Central Texas.

I typically sell 13 to 15 count size shrimp. If you're not familiar with the count size numbers, 13-15's are on the larger scale for shrimp. Most people like the larger shrimp because they find them better for grilling.

If you would like some shrimp, just email me and let me know how much you would like. I'll respond and let you know when I'll be in your area again.

Need Shrimp: Call me at 979-244-6318 or email me.